I’m Moving! So I can write a little louder….

Thank you, everyone, for all the support that you’ve given to my poetry blog here for the last 6 months. It’s been really cool to get feedback from readers!

And I have really exciting news!

I am moving to a new website: AnthemPoet.com

I really hope you take a minute to check it out! This site (Mere Air) will be up for the time being, but all new content will be posted over on AnthemPoet!

There’s a new video up there right now! Make sure you watch in HD! Please click over, and check it out (it’s been a long time coming)!!!

I’d be ever-grateful for a like or share or comment! Or all three, if you’re feeling generous.

Hope you love the new stuff.




Why Spelling Poorly is Important

It doesn’t take much time around my poetry before you notice something’s off. At first, maybe it slides by, unnoticed, but then after a few recurrences you realize the glaring problem: “Hey! This guy’s spelling stuff wrong!”

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