A Seed Grows Where It Falls

I was thinking the other night over a cigarette about how I sometimes wish I would’ve ended up somewhere else. Dan said, “We all wanna be somewhere else than where we live, but that’s not reality it’s just point of view.” And as I smoked, I looked at the old maple tree across the path, and put two and two together. And by pitying the tree, being stuck where it is, I found a metaphor to pity myself.


A seed grows
Where it falls

And at a
Ripe age

With leaves
It looks out

Sees other
Beds of earth

Where it might’ve
Taken root

But didn’t

It weeps autumn
Sighs through winter

And dreams of
Other soil again

This site is no longer active, see the new site at AnthemPoet.com


3 thoughts on “A Seed Grows Where It Falls

  1. Yeah I want to write you that I reeally appreciate your words, that when you post a new poem my heart flutters, and I realize that I’m not alone, that outside my world there are other people who feel like me, who speak in my language, the language that come from soul, from within ourselves. And then I can really sleep better. Thank you!

    • Just read all three of your comments, you’re too kind. I love that you’re excited to see the newest pieces, I hope I don’t dissapoint too often! I really appreciate all the feedback, you’re awesome.

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