I Wish

I wish I could do you justice
I wish I could make these keyboard letters dance like a sonata
Play a tune of words as graceful as liquid
I wish I could baptize mumbling into a trance of clarity
That my praises of you took the form of familiarity

I wish I could turn stones inside out
And reveal geodes on every dirt path
And with their shimmer recompose the overture of the dead to hypnotize the living
Just to impress you

I wish every time I breathed in
My chest soared with the music of your forgiving
Movement like earthquakes and avalanches as all wrongs fall away
I wish I could keep all of my promises

I wish I could tip toe through the corridors of your heart
I wish pain wasn’t tied to any of my art

I wish I could extend my hand for a dance
I wish my ugliness had nothing to do with romance
I wish chivalry waxed instead of waned
I wish my heart overflowed with good things it contained

I wish we always wore bright colors and felt that way

I wish I could bottle up your laughter
And plant seeds of your generosity
Then wait for it to grow in my soul to a city

I wish that wilting was a thing only flowers could do
And I wish I could close my eyes and always see this image of you


This site is no longer active, see the new site at AnthemPoet.com


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