In our Richness of Spirit we trust.

He started with: “Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
And then I lost track of the rest
Cause I got caught up right there
Right in the first line that I hear
The poor in spirit?
My spirit feels big and real and full and rich
Spit and vinegar and passion
But I can’t imagine God would be opposed to passion
So, poor must mean something else
Poor in spirit but not poor in feeling
As I think about it my mind starts reeling
And then I come to it like out of a trance:
The mistaking of my spirit’s inside
For big and real and full and rich
But in comparison to what is the catch?
Big compared to who?
Bigger than you?
More real than you?
More full than you?
If you’re poor in spirit, then I’m richer than—you
But the poor in spirit get the kingdom of heaven
So by being rich, I actually lose
It’s what pumps us up to say:
“We’re who God made us to be”
But do we really mean that He didn’t make us them?
Not him or her
I mean, of course God made us,
But He made them out of inferior dust
While they say God, are we saying:
“In our Richness of Spirit we trust”?
So, who’s really inheriting this kingdom then?
After we lust
And inflate ourselves up
And as it starts to makes sense
I realize I skipped right over blessed
That for heaven, the poor in spirit are the best dressed
But I can’t seem to shake this pride out of my chest
This feeling that I’m the best
So, maybe that’s what needs to be addressed
And needs to be confessed
That it was never a contest
And that what’s really best:
Is that the humble finally get peace and rest
While the rich in spirit fight overconfidence
“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
Cause to be poor—to be absolutely broke?
You first have to have your pride broken
And that’s the heart of the words that were really spoken


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