This is for the soul searchers
This is for the song writer who feels like who he is doesn’t fill the space
of who he was meant to be.
This is for the depressed cigarette smoking chain smokers.
This is for the poet who writes a thousand lines and keeps them all to
herself, because nobody else deserves to hear them.
This is to fight the starless sky of every midnight wanderer who looks up
wondering, cause if there were more like you the night time streets wouldn’t be so empty.
This is for the traveler who never got a chance and lies below a rock with
his name.
I don’t even know if I’m old enough to say it, but it’s for the generations
of baby boomers of old women and men whose ideas and values are shushed by an obnoxious generation.
This is for the wedding planners whose weddings never seem to come.
This is for the beautiful girls that somebody told otherwise.
This is for the 15 year old gang member who can’t leave.
This is for the second place finishers and the C students.
This is for the guitar strings never threaded and the scripts never
written and the thrill voices that never cried hallelujah because they didn’t believe they could.
This is for the incapable,
Because you and me both are incapable.
This is so you can look at me differently like I was an amputee.
And what I’ve had cut away was my expectations.
I was supposed to be huge—
I was supposed to be the first rose ever planted in the desert—
I was supposed to be the first paint on the ceiling in the Sistine chapel—
I was supposed to be either Axel Rose or Frodo Baggins, and whether
you’re cool or not you understand that line.
I was supposed to be the first pope with a full body tattoo—
I was supposed to be Neil Armstrong—
I was supposed to be the first life on another planet—
I was supposed to be bleeding iron and nails—
If you saw me as I was supposed to be the contrast between me and the
rest of the world would be unbearable, but I’m incapable.
‘Cause nobody ever pushed me,
Nobody ever pushed me,
Nobody ever pushed me and said:
Be something bigger,
Be something bigger,
Be something!

Nobody ever told me I had the power to leave a hole when I withdraw
my hand from water or move a crowd with mere words or play notes on a piano like bullets to your eardrums.
And in all of this, I wonder if the big things know how important they
are, because I’m a mustard seed and nobody expects me to move a mountain,
Or even cover its slopes in yellow.
But I still feel vastly important, so what then?
So this is my push, my push that you may never get from another person, ever. So, listen carefully:


Don’t be discouraged when you can’t cross one line, ‘cause you’ll pass a
hundred others learning you can’t go over one.
This is a dare: go to your fridge and get out all your eggs and put them in
one basket and tell me if you’re still incapable.
And if you are, go back to your fridge and get all your egg based
products, ‘cause you missed them, you missed them and you need them and the neighbors not lending any ingredients.
And when you get there, wherever it is that I pushed you to, don’t worry
about telling me—
Cause I
Will notice
And most of all remember that if you’ve been pushed, if you’ve really
been pushed, you’ll be dearly missed when you’re gone.


This site is no longer active, see the new site at AnthemPoet.com


12 thoughts on “Push

  1. This actually motivated me to study for my finals. I was lazing around all day but when I read this I was suddenly reminded of the things I said I I wanted to be and pushed me to open my book and study. I don’t know if I’ve even interpreted the poem correctly but I’m grateful I read this. Thank you 🙂

    • Hey, thanks for the comment! I’m glad it motivated you tonight, and I assure you, your interpretation was right on. “The things I said I wanted to be” that’s why I wrote it in the first place–to remind myself of those same things.

  2. Thank you. Thank you so very much. I am a high school teacher and I came across this and saw it is the exact message I have for my students. I showed my graduating seniors your youtube video of this poem and they loved it. Many of them got your name and told me they would go back to it when they needed that push. I intend to share it with my fellow teachers so they can continue to share the message. Thank you again.

    • Thanks for taking the time to find my site and let me know, this made my day. I am so glad it was an inspiration to your students. And thank you (thank you, thank you, thank you!!!) for sharing with others!

      • Your welcome. I have only recently become a fan of slam poetry and saw “Push” a few months ago and knew the message was perfect, which also made me a fan of yours. Good luck in the future and know your words are touching many.

  3. This poem is amazing,You are amazing!
    You inspired me to put my own poetry on YouTube
    this poem helped me stay on track when all i could think about was end my life.
    thank you

    • Thank you for the compliment! I’m grateful to hear my poem had such a powerful and positive effect for you.
      And I’ve been there, I know it’s hard. It does get better. I’ll be praying for you, Rachel!
      What’s your YouTube channel name? I’d love to see some of your poems too.

  4. Yeah I can tell with certainty that this is my favorite poems of yours. I listen to it every day, and particularly when I have an important event in my life: an exam, a meeting…It’a a real push, word so meaningful that I can’t believe them, I have to keep quiete and listen, listen… your voice is wonderful, and you can deliver it like a pro!

    I hope that you have someone in your life that push you, because you have to keep going, I know that you’ll reach all your dreams!

    Thank you for your words!

  5. We did an entire class on this poem in my high school. I really appreciate it and while most ignored it I really listened to the words and I feel strongly for them. Thanks so much. This poem is spectacular.

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