I’m Moving! So I can write a little louder….

Thank you, everyone, for all the support that you’ve given to my poetry blog here for the last 6 months. It’s been really cool to get feedback from readers!

And I have really exciting news!

I am moving to a new website: AnthemPoet.com

I really hope you take a minute to check it out! This site (Mere Air) will be up for the time being, but all new content will be posted over on AnthemPoet!

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Hope you love the new stuff.




A Little Lesson

A bug came drifting elegantly
Across the floorboards
Looking up, it faintly yawned
“I’m so bored,
All these legs and nowhere to go…”
What precious, righteous quest
To crawl
To make haste
Such a short life
Such short, short lives we
So bored, all these legs and nowhere to go


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A Seed Grows Where It Falls

I was thinking the other night over a cigarette about how I sometimes wish I would’ve ended up somewhere else. Dan said, “We all wanna be somewhere else than where we live, but that’s not reality it’s just point of view.” And as I smoked, I looked at the old maple tree across the path, and put two and two together. And by pitying the tree, being stuck where it is, I found a metaphor to pity myself.

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Where Were You?


This morning there were
Men fishing in the park
With wide, red hats
Fishing club, I guess

Grandmother and child
Walking a bridge
With a sun-umbrella
Colors as vivid as the

Yellow gosling feathers
Trailing their parents
In the pond

Scraped knees at the
Base of a steep hill
Wincing and cursing
At bent bicycle tires

Pair of married flip-flops
Stood smoking cigarettes
Crying and comforting
One another

Wrinkled camerawoman
Twirling underneath
The canopy of trees
Capturing the dappled light

Where were you?

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Some Beasts


It came quickly, roots
broke through marbled concrete

And vines draped off
balconies of skyscrapers

Floor to ceiling windows
disappeared behind ivy

Some beasts melted into shadows
around the corner as their
barks were adopted
by the wind and pushed
in strollers by the howl
and the cold bite

In the air, you could hear
unattended car alarms

And neon signs flickering
on and off as they hum like
a deathbed, EKG flat-line

Hanged stoplights
swayed back and forth
off streetlight arms
bent like telekinetic spoons
spinning like criminals
left on olive trees to die

And the drab color seemed
strangely magnetic and
I can swallow a pretty big storm

This site is no longer active, see the new site at AnthemPoet.com